Implementing virtual care in mental health settings: A series of video-based modules

We hope you enjoy the previews of these modules (video only). 

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Watch all 10 videos here, or on our Vimeo site.  

Module 1: Introduction and overview of the evidence

 (Run time: 25:14)

Module 2: Rapid implementation

 (Run time: 16:20)

Module 3: Administration, technology and security

 (Run time: 10:44)

Module 4: Tips for providers of one-to-one virtual care

 (Run time: 19:10)

Module 5: Tips for providers of virtual groups

 (Run time: 11:15)

Module 6: Digital health equity

 (Run time: 15:35)

Module 7: Evaluation

 (Run time: 11:01)

Module 8: Digital compassion and self-care

 (Run time: 21:20)

Module 9: Cultural safety and trauma-informed virtual care

 (Run time: 19:17)

Module 10: Competencies for the practice of telemental health

 (Run time: 11:51)