Topic outline

  • Digital mental health

    The foundations

    These modules introduce practice-based topics related to digital mental health. Each module includes a list of recommended resources.


    I. Telemental health: The foundations

    Dr. Allison Crawford and Dr. David Gratzer discuss the role of telemental health in clinical practice:

    • The evidence base for telemental health
    • Opportunities and challenges for patients and families
    • Telemental health tips for clinicians: The do's and don'ts


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    II. Using mobile applications in mental health care: The foundations

    Dr. John Torous and Dr. David Gratzer talk about using smartphones and mobile apps to support mental health treatment:

    • Who is uses apps and how are they using them?
    • What to look for when evaluating an app
    • Engagement and the clinical relationship
    • Smartphones, apps and digital phenotyping


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    Future offerings: The foundations series

    III. Artificial intelligence

    IV. Big data

    V. Ethical and legal issues

    VI. Engaging with patients

    VII. Digital phenotyping

    VIII. Machine learning