Topic outline

  • Digital mental health

    The foundations

    These modules introduce practice-based topics related to digital mental health. Each module includes a list of recommended resources.


    I. Virtual care: The foundations

    Introduction to virtual care

    Dr. Allison Crawford and Dr. David Gratzer discuss the role of virtual health care in clinical practice:

    • The evidence base for virtual care
    • Opportunities and challenges for patients and families
    • Virtual health care tips for clinicians: The dos and don'ts

    The Virtual Care and Mental Health video series

    Access the complete content of this series of 10 brief modules in which the Virtual Mental Health and Outreach team at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) shares the processes that helped them rapidly implement and evaluate virtual care.

    • Introduction and overview of the evidence
    • Rapid implementation
    • Administration, technology and security
    • Tips for providers of one-to-one care
    • Tips for providers of virtual groups
    • Digital health equity
    • Evaluation
    • Digital compassion and self-care
    • Cultural safety and trauma-informed care
    • Competencies for the practice of telemental health

    Includes transcripts, slide decks and resource links.


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    II. Using mobile applications in mental health care: The foundations

    Dr. John Torous and Dr. David Gratzer talk about using smartphones and mobile apps to support mental health treatment:

    • Who uses apps and how are they using them?
    • What to look for when evaluating an app
    • Engagement and the clinical relationship
    • Smartphones, apps and digital phenotyping


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    Future offerings: The foundations series

    III. Artificial intelligence

    IV. Big data

    V. Ethical and legal issues

    VI. Engaging with patients

    VII. Digital phenotyping

    VIII. Machine learning