Virtual care: The foundations

This is a general introduction to telemental health that provides insight into its potential to address barriers to access, continuity of care and follow-up. But with advantages come challenges to consider.

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Virtual Care and mental health video series

In this series of 10 brief modules, the Virtual Mental Health and Outreach team at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) shares the processes that helped them rapidly implement and evaluate care in this new virtual landscape and that will continue to drive quality and sustainability of virtual care as it is integrated into mental health practice.

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Virtual mental health care leadership: Discussion series

This five-part leadership discussion series is for health care leaders and practitioners seeking to implement, scale and sustain virtual mental health care services in their organizations.

Each session provides a collaborative exchange of ideas among national and international thought leaders in virtual mental health care. Insights will inform our work as we develop an advocacy road map for virtual mental health care in 2021 and beyond.

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Certificate of Completion offered for completion for all five sessions (1)

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Evaluating and using mobile applications in mental health care: The foundations

Mobile apps can support diagnosis, psychoeducation and other mental health interventions. They may help clinicians and researchers to understand mental illness. But what makes a good app? There are risks as well as benefits to consider before you and your patients decide to use an app as part of a care plan.

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